Sengoku Japan
- the time of  the "One-Handed Fighting Sword"

KATATE-UCHI: "One Handed Fighting Sword" were long swords, like Katana. The Japanese produced this long sword style from the period of Bun-mei (1469) through Ten-mon (1532).
Any sword having a Nagasa of 21 3/4 in. to 25 1/2 in. from those Koto times was not a Wakizashi but the famous Katate-uchi.
Many of the great swords and treasure pieces from this era, by Muramasa to Yozozaemon were made in this Sugata.
Katate-uchi is the predominant style of the Sengoku.

5th Hiromasa

Shodai Muramasa
"Mumei (Muramasa) (Shodai 1st Generation - Bungi period 1501)"

Sakyo-no-Shin Munemitsu
"Morning Star"
Jirozaemon Katsumitsu
Yozozaemon Sukesada
The Greatest Smiths produce the Masterworks of the era - Bunmei 1469 thru Tenmon 1532

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