Custom Handmade
Koshirae bags, Shirasaya bags, and Tsuba bags
Aprons, Purses, I-pod/Cell Phone Carriers, Mini 'Fob'/wallets.
Laura Hugulet-Long.


Quality craftsmanship done in the traditional manner.
Sword bags (no Fusahimo), Tsuba bags, GI's, Purses, Aprons,
and I-pod/Cell Phone Carriers done in exquisite and unique fabrics,
or Kimono fabric (silk). All are fully lined.
Superior quality, these are not factory produced imports.
They are domestically made - each individually sewn.

Email Elliott at for availability of items.


Length: Fits Katate-uchi to Tachi ( 40" inches + ).
Width: 5" to 6.50" inches.
Inventory: 5
Price: $75.00/each.
See examples of Katana bags

Length: 20.00" to 40.00" inches.
Width: 4.00" to 5.00" inches.
Inventory: 7
Price: $65.00/each.

See examples of Wakizashi bags

TANTO size
LengthF20.00" inches or less.
Width: Between 3.00" to 4.00" inches.
Inventory: 5
Price: $55.00/each.
See examples of Tanto bags

Complete set of Sword and Tsuba bags made from Maru Obi.
Price: Based on cost of Obi.
See example set of bags including Tsuba bags HERE

Japanese GI's are the formal Japanese name for the traditional uniform jacket used for Karate practice and competition.
A GI is generally lighter and looser fitting because of the nature of Karate training which emphasizes striking, kicking and a more limited range of standing throws. The GI has evolved in a manner that maximizes mobility and speed. All fabric is of quality weight 'Bull' Denim, and has been prewashed/dried to help reduce shrinkage and fading. Price: $150.00 each.
See examples HERE

  TSUBA bags are sewn based on the number of tsuba contained.
Price: $10.00 dollars each for singles,
$15.00 dollars each for doubles,
$5.00 dollars per tsuba for multiples of three or more.
See examples of TSUBA BAGS HERE

Tsuba bags made from Maru Obi.
Price: Based on cost of Obi.
see complete set

  TSUBA BOX COVERS provide extra protection for those antique and/or custom handmade tsuba boxes.
They are made of either Brocade Silk Blend material or from Obi material.
Price: $20.00 dollars each.
Tsuba Box Protector

All prices exclude shipping.

How To Tie The FUSAHIMO (cord).

All items are Handsewn/made and as described.
SHIBUISWORDS --- Elliott Long
Gresham, Oregon USA.