Shibui Swords introduces the new standard of genuine Japanese art.
Its 'new standard' is a sense of beauty which will design your modern life style to become more sophisticated and tasteful.
Shibui Swords guarantees that all art objects are genuine and purchased with appreciation and study as its purpose.
Shibui Swords promises to be able to tell the splendidness and profoundness of Japanese art and wishes to connect with you through the sympathy of universal beauty.

"Treasure every encounter, for it will never recur."


Madara-Karatsu Tea Bowl by Kozanshi

Shibui Modern Tea Bowls Chawan ~ A collectable tea bowl: Mino-yaki

Japanese Tea Set by Takahashi ~ Beautiful 'Four Seasons' Tea Bowl

An exceptional collectable Tea Caddie Chaki

Collectable & Useable Sake Cups.

Aizu Nuri Fumibako Hira-makie Gold Lacquer work
Learn the Fascination and Beauty of Edo period INRO

The quintessential bamboo flute, Shakuhachi

Pottery Box  ~  Wood Box

A Dug Point (Arrowhead) from invasion of Takashima Beach.
Despite their ultimate failure, the Koryu-Mongol invasion attempts
are of importance, setting a limit on Mongol expansion, and ranking as
nation-defining events in Japanese history. Besides national boundaries, the significance was
that the Zen Buddhism of Hojo Tokimune and his master Bukko had gained credibility,
and the first mass following of Zen teachings among Samurai began to flourish.

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