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PROVENANCE:    Robert E. Haynes
                                            Elliott D. Long
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"Iron cross form (jujigata mokko) plate with uchikaeshi-mimi with maru-niku.  The surface carved with gourds, karakusa (vines) and clumps of bamboo leaves.  Both hitsu are of kogai shape, a Shoami school characteristic, and seem to be original.

Signed: 'NOBUIYE'. (H 07069.0).  The style of the signature is not in imitation of the great Nobuie masters, but is of his own style and form.  He worked ca. 1750 - 1800, though his iron plate examples are rare they are not unheard of." (Haynes & Long)

9.4 cm x 8.7 cm x 0.5 cm at mimi.
"This tsuba has a nice brown patina, and has a very substantial weight and size.   The edge has a tortoise shell pattern and some tekkotsu." (Long)
Edo period (ca. 1750 - 1800)
This artist was one of the last to use the Nobuiye name. He worked for the most part, in the kinko style and did not make any Kiyosu Nobuie tsuba.
Worked in Sanshu Okazaki ju, Mikawa Province.
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