'Geishu ju Yoshihisa Saku'

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PROVENANCE:    Jim Gilbert
                                            Justin Orr
                                            Elliott D. Long
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Accompanied by a Kanteisho (75 points) certificate number 5360, issued by the N.T.H.K., dated September, 2004.

"Round (maru gata) iron plate tsuba with uchikaeshi rim (mimi). The web carved in the design of a weaving spool or bobbin (itomaki) and broken brocade pattern done in gold and silver nunome inlay. Much of the black lacquer is present. Dated ca.1650.
Signed: 'Geishu ju Yoshihisa Saku' H 11614.0. Yoshihisa's real name was Seizaemon, 1st generation. He worked in Geishu ju, Aki Province. A very elegant and rare guard." (Long)

8.0cm x 7.8cm x 0.4cm at seppa, 0.6cm at rim

Seal of Hagihara sensei.

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