TOSHO Tsuba w/ NTHK 2010 Kanteisho

MEI (Haynes): 'Sukeyoshi Tsukuru'
(MEI: Fumei NTHK 2010)

PROVENANCE:    Elliott D. Long

Very large, powerful Tosho Tsuba, nicely forged iron plate.
Kaku-gata form with Shishiabori leaves design.
Tsuchime iron, Udenuki hole with raised rim.
Amida yasuri pattern on the plate with very nice patina.
A Tsuba that is sober in appearance with great detail.
Swordsmith tsuba made prior to 1450 are exceedingly rare. The few examples extant are treasured by shrines and private collectors in Japan. From 1450 forward, examples are more numerous, but do not become common until the nineteenth century. At that time many of the famous Shinto and Shin-Shinto swordsmiths turned their hand to the making of tsuba in the popular style of the day or in the Nobuiye revival style.

The Shinshinto Yokoyama family began with Sukehira.
He was the 5th generation after Sazaemon Sukesada, and the younger brother of the 4th generation Gengoro Sukesada.
Sukehira's 1st son was Sukeyoshi and 2nd son was Sukenaga.
Sukenaga succeeded as head of the Sukehira family and became Sukeyoshi's teacher.
Sukeyoshi (the eldest son) became head of the Sukemori family.
There were many smiths who used the character "Suke" in their smith's name, since this was a tradition of the Osafune school.
Toko Taikan pg. 340-341
Edo Period.
8.59cm x 8.03cm x (nagako) 3.0cm x Mimi 5.6mm.