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Very large, powerful Tosho Tsuba, nicely forged and hammered with excellent patina and color. The hitsu-ana is original to the tsuba which was made prior to the Edo period.

Sukashi of two interlocking rings having a Buddhist symbolism meaning Unity of Strength and Love, Mind and Body. Very important to the Samurai.

Width Height Thickness
 8.0cm   8.0cm      2.5mm.


Translation of outside lid: TOSHO KOSAKU (Early example of Tosho tsuba)
Translation of inside lid: (right to left)
TETSU JI (made of iron) MUMEI (unsigned)
MARU GATA (round shape with rounded edge)
WACHIGAE (double interlocked rings) KO-SUKASHI (small sukashi)
Measurements in Japanese (8.0cm x 8.0cm x 02.5cm)
KOTO SHI KO SAKU (fine or excellant quality iron)
Date: "On a lucky day in June, 1970"
SARO signature with KAO. Dr. Kazutare Torigoye Hakogaki, w/ 'SARO' seal, 1970.
Dr. Torigoye was a prominent teacher from Okayama. His Hakogaki are coveted and seen by many to enhance value. His last student was Robert E. Haynes who today is considered a world expert on tsuba.

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