Shibui Swords Shinken


Custom J. Taylor w/ PPK Blade

  This Katana is based on a Paul Chen (Hanwei Forge) Practical Plus. The blade has been given a hybrid polish that really lends some depth to the Hamon. The Habaki has been file worked and partially antiqued. The Tsuba is a wrought iron forging with raised rim and heavy antique finish. Tsuka maki is an old tachi style in red/black silk ito. The flat wrap feels good under the hand giving good grip without too much bite. Menuki are the stock Shishi dogs reversed. Ray skin is antiqued to match the earth tone theme. Saya is stock PPK.

Overall Length (w/o saya) 39 5/8 inches.
Blade Length: 28 1/4 inches.
Tsuka Length 11 inches.
Blade Material: Hand Forged High Carbon Steel. HRC60 edge, HRC40 back.

Excellant for Dojo cutting. Frequent cutting of goza, occasional multiple rolls of omote, bamboo, and other medium hard targets.

Price $750.00