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PROVENANCE:    Robert Haynes
                                       Skip Holbrook
                                       Elliott D. Long

H 07075.0 ca. 1550

"Iron cross form known as kurikomi-mokko-gata, a fourfold mokko-gata with inome hearts towards the inside of each notch. One of Nobuiye's characteristics is an irregular rim (sukinokoshi kaku-mimi) full of activity with a little roundness. This very tasteful "Nobuiye rim" is not seen in this perfection with any other craftsman. The surface well carved with karakusa and omodaka. "Karakusa" is an organic tendril design and a favorite carving motif of Nobuiye. In this dense plate will be found the quality of iron and its forging with ample tekkotsu on the mimi. Lead fill appears in the kogai ana. Perhaps a treasure but which could be regarded as extremely unusual and rare" (Long)
7.8cm X 8.4cm X 0.5cm.


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