Kyo-yaki Chawan 

Beautiful Kyo-yaki bowl design that reflects the 'four seasons'.

Kyo-yaki refers to the decorated Japanese ceramics produced in the local kilns throughout Kyoto from about the middle of the 17th century. Often colorfully hand-painted in blue, red, and green on a white base. Elegantly shaped bowls painted with overglaze enamel pigments using a technique that appeared in Kyoto around 1640, and one that is still a hallmark of Kyoto ceramics today.

Kyo-yaki are mainly used as dinner sets or tools for tea ceremonies and flower arrangement. Kyoto-yaki was originally made for the domestic Japanese market only, and even today they are produced only in small quantities.
This versatile Kyo-yaki bowl is a great addition to the collection for a tea ceremony or any kitchen in an elegant home.

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