Madara -Karatsu
        Tea Bowl
by "Kozanshi"
This is the museum-quality collectable masterpiece of genuine Madara-Karatsu (speckled katatsu ware) tea bowl,
with the potter's sign Koyama Fujio "Kozanshi" (1900-1975).

Original signed wooden box, from Showa period...
There is no finer chawan in existence

Size :  about 14 x 13.4 x 7h cm (5.51 x 5.27 x 2.75 in)

This high-class tea bowl is glazed by 'choseki-yu' (feldspar glaze) with silicic acid ash as its traditional method.

Technically and radically worked as an exceptional calculated pure minimal madara piece by splendid master's sense and hands.

The exquisitely thin circular jikan (scenery crackle) at mikomi (inner part) as his particular purpose is so simply beautiful and quiet as well.

The holding impression is tastefully a little shallow and heavy, and comfortably "glossy".
The condition is excellent, with no remarkable fatal cracks, chips, or repairs.

Please view pictures carefully, feel the great patina from its 'keshiki' (landscape) and understand its scarcity value if you are really looking for real ..................

Highest Quality  - Not For Sale


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