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NOTE: All sword fittings (excluding Tsuba) have 'RANK'.

The MENUKI have first (1st) rank.
The KOGAI have second (2nd) rank.
The KOTZUKA have third (3rd) rank.
The FUCHI KASHIRA have fourth (4th) rank.
Fine KOSHIRAE available.

If you would like to know more about any items on this website, or if you are considering a purchase, please send Elliott and Robert an E-MAIL ( elliott@shibuiswords.com ), asking us any questions you have or what pieces interest you.

KOGAI with Ceremonial Pot
Provenance: Robert Haynes
"A shakudo kogai with the ji-ita completely gold covered, including the nanako. The design is a ceremonial pot with a long handle, sometimes used to serve sake. This pot contains a large floral spray in high relief. There is also a pine branch and flowers next to the bowl. I do not know the meaning of this design and I was unable to find another example of it in the large book devoted to the study of the kogai." (Haynes)

'GOTO   INJO' and Kao
"Classic Goto school shakudo kogai. With nanako ji-ita and relief design of a minogame (sea tortoise) with a gold covered shell, and silver lines indicating water. The reverse is signed 'GOTO INJO' and Kao. See H 01896.0." (Haynes)

'GOTO   JOSHIN' and Kao
Write up soon. (Haynes)

'GOTO   SOJO' and Kao
Write up soon. (Haynes)

'GOTO   RENJO' and Kao
Write up soon. (Haynes)

Read about GOTO Honke, and GOTO RYU.

In English, there is an article by Alexander G. Mosle in the 'Transactions of the Japan Society of London', Vol. VIII, pg. 188, titled "The Sword Ornaments of the GOTOSHIROBEI FAMILY." Though this article is the prime source in this language, it has not given biographical detail nor has he gone into the details of technique by which the various masters could be discriminated from one another. Mr. Mosle used Kuwabara as his source and judge for obtaining information for this article and what it does say is trustworthy as far as it goes.


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