'Yamashiro no Kuni Fushimi Ju Kaneiye'

Mei; 'Yamashiro Kuni Fushimi Ju Kaneiye'  H 02464.0
Ref. pg. 64 Kinko Meikan.

PROVENANCE:    Elliott D. Long,  Brian Boyles

This fine iron Tsuba for a Japanese Katana has a Maru Gata circular form, with punch marks and Sekigane in the Nakago Ana, a look of great strength and a well patined surface. It is provided with Kogai Hitsu Ana and Shakudo-filled Kozuka Hitsu Ana. The well patined surface is carved in a delicate manner in Katakiri Bori, a carving with lines of varying thickness and depth in imitation of the strokes of a painter's brush, the carving repeats on the reverse, with engraved details, and the iron of good color.

The subject depicts the figure of Tojin (Lin Ho Ching), standing on a river bank, under a Matsu (pine tree), with three Tsuru alighting above, full moon and mountains rising in the distance. We should imagine the cranes are hurrying down to the ground, eager to find a place to rest before nightfall, as the moon is already shining amoung the clouds. Three birds are shown but I feel as if there may be more. The design looks like a painting, it is in the tradition of Chinese Sung dynasty landscape painting, and of the ink drawings of the Japanese painter Sesshuu. He was inspired by the teachings of the Zen Buddhist sect.

The concept of the design encompasses the total surface of the Tsuba, even utilizing the apex of the Nakago Ana to heighten the mountain in the background. The reverse continues with a rock, reeds and a stream. Tojin (Lin Ho Ching) was a Chinese poet who did not want his work to survive him. The metal is good, the workmanship excellent, the design lofty, dignified, and carefully worked, the forms full bodied, and the surface with a deep purplish patina. This Tsuba exhibits many unusual characteristics, and the entire guard has a rustic appearance.

All of these traits make this an excellant work of Kaneiye school. When on a sword, this work was probably more handsome. But even unmounted it remains a truly outstanding piece.
7.4cm X 7.0cm.
Excellant work of Kaneiye.

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