Shibui Swords Shinken


Cheness "Kanbai" Katana

  This is a Cheness hand clayed, differentially heat tempered blade of 1045 DH carbon steel with natural Hamon. Cheness's differential hardening is by first applying a layer of soft, dark clay over the entire blade. Then the clay is scraped down to a thin coating where the cutting edge would be. A thick coat of the light clay is then applied to the spine of the blade. After drying, the blade is fired in a charcoal furnace and quinched before polishing.

Overall Length (w/o saya) 39 1/2 inches.
Blade Length: 28 5/8 inches.
Finish: Tameshigiri polish.
Weight: 2 ibs. 4 oz. with Bo-Hi
Sori: 0.7 inches.
Tsuka Length: 10 1/2 inches.

The tsuka ito is black cotton over ray skin wrap. There are 2 Mekugi. The saya is black glossy lacquered medium hardwood with Buffalo Horn cap.

Price $350.00