Shoami Sukashi Tsuba

PROVENANCE:    Elliott D. Long

Large, powerful Shoami Tsuba, nicely forged iron plate.
A look of great strength with a lightly hammered ground to effect a stone like surface on both sides.
The Sukashi openings are pierced in a robust manner including the Inome (boar's eye).
Decorated on both sides with Nawame (rope design) inlay of which there is a slight loss.
This sukashi work is the ultimate in simplification. Within this severe, unemotional work is a deep humanity that speaks to us today.

This style of tsuba, was influenced from the last period of Onin Suemon Shinchu style of the early Muromachi period, possibly from same Tsubaco.
Maru gata 7.8cm X 3.5mm thick.


Kanteisho (paper) from 'Nihon Tosogu Bijutsukan' (Japanese Fittings Museum) attributes to the Shoami style. This museum was located in Sugamo, Tokyo. The Head Kanteika was Ikeda Suimatsu (now deceased), who wrote many books on the subject of swords and sword fittings.


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