Robert E. Haynes & Elliott D. Long

Shibui Swords Study Guide

"Robert Haynes has taught me that I should focus on describing the tsuba and attempt to age-date it based on an educated point of artistry, mechanical virtues and historical knowledge." "Maybe some of the old assumptions and principles may eventually be amended through reasoning and educated opinion."

YASUCHIKA Mei and Seal Studies

Japanese Study of YASUCHIKA Signature Part 1
Japanese Study of YASUCHIKA Signature Part 2
Japanese Study of YASUCHIKA Seal


CLASSROOM on ENGRAVING and INLAY of TSUBA by Robert E. Haynes and Fukushi Shigeo

CHART by Henri Joly
published in "Japanese Sword Fittings Naunton Collection."

The True Value of Tsuba by Kazutaro Torigoye

SUKASHI TSUBA by Masayuki Sasano

Why I Study Tsuba by Elliott Long

Learning The Hard Way by Elliott Long

Understanding TEKKOTSU by Elliott Long

A Collaboration of Robert E. Haynes and Elliott D. Long

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