'Umetada Hikoemon'

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PROVENANCE:    Robert E. Haynes
                                            Elliott D. Long
"Iron rectangular mokko shape with inome corners, and slightly raised rim. The surface with heavy gold nunome, much of which is now worn away. Original kogai shape kozuka hitsu, with shakudo sekigane.

Signed: 'Umetada Hikoemon'. See reference to Shigenaga, H 08391.0 (The name Jusai and Hikoemon both refer back to Shigenaga). Shigenaga was the grandson of Umetada Myoju, and the third generation of that line. There are examples signed Jusai, but none so far recorded signed with both the Jusai and Hikoemon names on the same piece. See (below) Kokubo Kenichi: SHINSEN KINKO MEIKAN, Tokyo 1993, page 304, for two examples of the Hikoemon signature. This tsuba has both the styles of the kanji that are the same as in Kokubo as well as the top of the 'tada' kanji. This signature is so very rare that these three examples are all that are so far recorded. A great deal more study and research needs to be done on this and other signatures of the second and third generation of the Umetada family school." (Haynes)
6.0cm x 6.35cm x 0.35cm

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A Collaboration of Robert E. Haynes and Elliott D. Long

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