2nd   Bizen   Suruga   Master

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Provenance:    Robert E. Haynes
                                 Elliott D. Long
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"Round iron plate with sukashi design of five boat paddles. This is the work, though unsigned, of the 2nd Bizen Suruga Master. He is Haruta, later Suruga, Ietsugu (H 01834.0). He worked in the Momoyama to early Edo period at Okayama city in Bizen Province for the Ikeda Daimyo, as did a number of the later generations of this family school. Besides the style and subject matter we can see the hand of this master in the copper plugs that he insert at the top and bottom of the nakago-ana, which his father had used before him, as did several of the later generations. The bottom copper plug has been removed in this example. This master often used the designs of his father, such as we see in this example, but in later life he created many designs of his own. A very fine classic example of the early work of this artist." (Haynes)
7.60cm x 7.70cm x 0.40cm

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