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PROVENANCE:    Robert E. Haynes
                                      Elliott D. Long
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"Katana size iron mokko plate tsuba with the web carved in low relief of a male dragon in clouds.

The head with gold eye, is at the top of the plate with a foot, one three toed leg and the tail at the bottom right of the plate, and two gold flames with a three toed foot between them. Also with udenuki-ana at the lower left of the face of the plate, and a gold ken in the tail. All gold in nunome." (Haynes & Long)

8.50cm x 7.50cm x 0.60cm
"The reverse with two body sections top and right, and one leg with three toes, and a single gold flame.

The seppa-dai is in the shape of the "Chinese" style often seen on the tsuba made in Hizen Province at the city of Nagasaki. The rim is covered in gold nunome in the style of the Hizen area, often seen in the work of the Jakushi school and others." (Haynes & Long)

"The face is signed 'NOBUIE' H 07072.A, in two large kanji. This style of the Nobuie signature does not match any of those recorded so far. It would seem this is an unrecorded Nobuie who was living in the Hizen/Nagasaki area in the mid to later Edo period." (Haynes)

"On the reverse is the signature, in small kanji of 'MITSUAKI' H 05118.0, who lived ca. 1800 at Karatsu in Hizen Province." (Haynes)


"It would seem this tsuba was a collaberation between these two artists. Nobuie forged the plate and may have done some of the carving and Mitsuaki did the gold nunome. In any event, it looks like we have found another unrecorded Nobuie. I have always wondered if there was not a Nobuie on Kyushu Island, perhaps we have now found him. We shall call him the "HIZEN NOBUIE" (H 07072.A). (Haynes)


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