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Provenance:   Robert E. Haynes;
            Elliott D. Long

Fine granular tekkotsu in the rim gives a moist luster. The beveling in the rim is very fine and creates a distinctive mood. The shape, a variation of the mokko-gata motif, was a speciality of the Yamakichi school. This work is very powerful and reveals the strength of the second hereditary Yamakichi master.
On the left side of the upper surface of the seppa-dai are the very indistinct letters of the name YAMAKICHIBEI. After precise study, it has been determined that this is the mei of the NIDAI Yamakichibei.
Attributed with NTHK Kanteisho. With six Appraisers seals.

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A Collaboration of Robert E. Haynes and Elliott D. Long

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