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Provenance:   Robert E. Haynes $7000.00
"A slight oval shakudo plate with precise nanako. Both hitsu-ana are present and shows signs of being mounted more than once. A gold fukurin adorns the piece.
The design is of Bamboo ("Take") and Tigers ("Tora"). Since its introduction to Japan, the Tiger in the Bamboo had been a preferred picture for paintings and for metal carving and inlays. The design was both carved and made separate then attached.
MEI:'ECHIZEN no DAIJO MINAMOTO NAGATSUNE' & Kao. H 06539.0. Summarizing, he studied painting under Ishida Yutei, was a student of Yasui Takanaga, and received the title of Echizennodaijo in 1770." (Haynes)

5.90cm x 6.35cm x 0.37cm (plate)

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A Collaboration of Robert E. Haynes and Elliott D. Long

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