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R. E. Haynes/E. D.Long Collection $2300.00
"Large iron plate katchushi style tsuba. Three each of sukashi plum (ume) and cherry blooms (sakura), with three each of suns and snow flakes. The plate surface is covered with pinpoint dots, over both sides. The ryo-hitsu seem to be original, but their shape may have been changed. Such a large katchushi example is very rare, and would have been mounted originally on a tachi and later on a large katana." (Haynes)
"The surface treatment of both sides with pinpoint dots is unusual and rare among Ko-Katchushi guards. The symmetrical placement of the sukashi patterns imparts great dignity to this work, which gives this piece a carefree, lyrical quality." (Long)

9.2cm x 9.3cm x 0.2cm (seppa) x 0.3cm (rim)

Early Muromachi period.
The rim with a shakudo carved cover was added later.

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