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Provenance: Robert E. Haynes
                              Elliott D. Long
"Iron plate of rounded oblong shape with a slight raised rim and hammered mimi. The face with Mt. Fuji and two gold butterflies, and a carved poem. The back with a silver cresent moon and gold cherry flowers.
The face is signed: 'Shishido ju' (probably in Mito Prov.) and on the left: 'Shigyo Saku', which would seem to mean "I made this work as a gift."
On the back is: 'Oshoku Tadayuki ko' which means, made to the taste of Mr. Oshoku. On the left of the back is: 'Mito ju KATSUNOBU'. An unrecorded artist that now has the number H 02848.B.
All of this inscription is very unusual and it would seem that this was a very special order work and probably between friends." (Haynes)

6.80cm x 7.45cm x 0.45cm (rim)


'Shigyo Saku' - 'Shishido ju'

'Mito ju Katsunobu' - 'Oshoku Tadayuki ko'

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A Collaboration of Robert E. Haynes and Elliott D. Long

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