Shonai Shoami Tsuba

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Provenance: Robert E. Haynes
                              Elliott D. Long
"Brass plate with ishime surface and inlaid in shakudo, copper, gold, and silver with a design of a heron in reeds by a stream. The reverse with just reeds in the same metals. This is a classic example of the work of the Shonai Shoami school circa 1700. This type of tsuba was very popular at the time with the local samurai. It is very rare in the West to find this type of brass plate with the original patina intact. The plate has been fitted with a very fine shakudo rope design rim cover, which is probably original to the origin of this tsuba. As of now we do not have any signed examples of this type of work." (Haynes)
6.0cm x 6.30cm x 0.40cm

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A Collaboration of Robert E. Haynes and Elliott D. Long

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