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Graceful old kozuka attributed to Goto Sojo (宗乗) (1461 - 1538), the 2nd mainline master of the Shirobei branch of the Goto family of sword furniture makers. The attribution is given by Goto Jujo (Mitsutada)H 02267.0. This work is the type that are always highly sought after, becoming cornerstones of any serious tosogu collection. This work is very delicate in the highest grade shakudo, with a deep, purple black patina. In profile, the boars are gold menuki that were created by Jujo and later mounted in high relief. The color contrast can be quite striking.

The kozuka is made of black shakudo (赤銅), with a very finely punched background of nanako (魚子地), with selective application of gold foil, in a technique called uttori (うっとり), where the gold is mechanically overlain, and affixed in very fine furrows around the edges of the kozuka and the reverse.

Top Signed: 'MON SOJO'
Bottom Signed: 'GOTO MITSUTADA'

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