'GOTO   INJO' and Kao

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Provenance:   Robert E. Haynes $1500.00
"Classic Goto school shakudo kogai. With nanako ji-ita and relief design of a minogame (sea tortoise) with a gold covered shell, and silver lines indicating water." (Haynes)

21.0cm x 1.20cm
"The reverse is signed 'GOTO INJO' and Kao. See H 01896.0. Injo was born 1621 and died January 11, 1689. He was the third son of Goto Kenjo (H 03103.0). He founded the Shichiroemon Goto school line. He was also the teacher of Yokoya Soyo (H 08952.0) who was, in turn, the founder of the great Yokoya family of artists. See Wakayama photo signature book, VOL. II, pg. 181, and Kokubo page 17, for examples of his signature. The work of Injo is very rare in the West, as well as in Japan." (Haynes)


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A Collaboration of Robert E. Haynes and Elliott D. Long

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