KOGAI with Ceremonial Pot

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Provenance:   Robert E. Haynes $750.00
"A shakudo kogai with the ji-ita completely gold covered, including the nanako. The design is a ceremonial pot with a long handle, sometimes used to serve sake. This pot contains a large floral spray in high relief. There is also a pine branch and flowers next to the bowl. I do not know the meaning of this design and I was unable to find another example of it in the large book devoted to the study of the kogai." (Haynes)

18.80cm x 1.20cm
"Someone has cut the sharp end of this kogai. I do not know why, but for our purposes it is very fortunate that he did so. I have often wondered what the base metal was of some early shakudo pieces. In this case we are able to see that the base metal is nigurome, an alloy made from katsushirome, and these two alloys produce the finest color of shakudo. Also it is what "we" call "self patinating" shakudo. This is the first time I have seen shakudo with the alloy exposed. I think this kogai dates about 1500. I do not know who might have made it." (Haynes)


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A Collaboration of Robert E. Haynes and Elliott D. Long

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