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Provenance:   Robert E. Haynes;
            Elliott D. Long

Elegant iron Higo tsuba of a stylized single bar design. The bar motif is central, and defined by two crescent sukashi elements, which have been filled with large shakudo inserts. The plate is treated with tsuchime hammering pattern, which has created a gentle uneven surface, and accentuated the rim edge in places. The area around the seppadai has some kebori carving, but due to the addition of the two large matching hitsuana, the design motif has been cut-out and it is unclear. This tsuba has been remounted several times in its life, as evidenced by not only the hitsuana additions, but also a subtle iron insert offsetting the nakago-ana. Due to the relative thinness of the iron plate, an iron insert was deemed most structurally / aesthetically suitable, rather than extensive hammering around the nakago-ana. The work was early, as the patina is completely even witht he rest of the plate.
Gold inlay or kin zōgan is applied to the plate in several ways. The rim of the tsuba has a thin gold wire inlay, termed a wari-ire-fukurin. Gold inlay is also applied to the plate, in the form of 9-circle mon (Kuyō-mon), and obscure repeating geometric patterns. There is no meaningful loss of inlay (inlay is purposely terminated against some hammered areas), and the plate is in overall excellent shape.

8.20cm x 7.90cm x 0.30cm.

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A Collaboration of Robert E. Haynes and Elliott D. Long

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