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PROVENANCE:    Matt. Garbutt, Esq.
                                            Robert E. Haynes
                                            Elliott D. Long
SOLD - Reference Only
"Iron cup shape tsuba with carved and repose design of a dragon in clouds.  The kogai hitsu has been filled with shakudo.  The reverse is well hammered and shows the repose work to be seen on the face.  This tsuba was in several European collections, such as Garbutt, Joly, Harding, Wrangham, and others.  It went to Europe about 1890.  It is signed on the left side of the back seppa area:  Shoami Nobutada, though the Sho kanji has been removed and the other two kanji of the family name have been altered to look like the family name MYO CHIN.  The reason this was done, ca. 1700 - 1750 was to enhance the genealogy of the Myochin family tree.  All the early names attributed by the Myochin as artists from their family, are for the most part a pure fabrication.  They wanted to be the most famous artist family of the Edo period and thus added many names who were not in truth of their family so they could gain that fame.  On the right side of the back seppa area is the date:  Eisho gen nen (1504), also probably added when the family name was changed.  Joly misread the family name and catalogued this piece in the Red Cross book as Myochin Nobutada, with date.  See number 41, plate CIII, in 1916.  We have all heard of the fabrications of the Myochin, but this is the first real proof of their duplicity.  A very important tsuba for the history and study of the Myochin family." (Haynes)
Reference: Myochin Nobutada H 07188.0 - Shoami Nobutada H 07189.0
8.7 cm x 8.6 cm x 1.6 cm deep. 0.3 - 0.6 cm thick.
"Red Cross catalogue description: (Bottom of page 112)
41. T, iron, convex, thick metal, repousse from inside to get the higher reliefs and chased in bold relief with a dragon and cloud vortices, signed (Miochin) Nobutada, dated Eisho, 1st year (1504).
Matt. Garbutt, Esq." (see below)

This tsuba by Shoami Nobutada dated ca.1650-1700. (Long)

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