Robert E. Haynes


Henri L. Joly constructed the below diagram showing the schools and ateliers engaged in making sword mounts. The evolution and linking of the principal schools - not by any means of all the families - have been chronologically set forth in graphical form.

This diagram was originally intended for the comprehensive work on Japanese sword furniture which Henri Joly had in preparation for some years, and included here because he felt it would convey more information by mere inspection than the reading of print covering the same space could possibly impart. It will, moreover, show clearly how great was the influence of the Goto, that of the Yokoya, and finally that of the Nara families, which may be termed the three main branches in the growth of decorative sword furniture. The sketch map indicates the principle centers of production-provinces and main towns-it would have been difficult to make it more extensive in the limited space left on the diagram. (Joly,1912)

A Collaboration of Robert E. Haynes and Elliott D. Long

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