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PROVENANCE:    Elliott D. Long $1500.00
An unsigned Momoyama period, ca.1450-1500, tsuba attributed to Ko-Kinko. The shape is mokko gata of shakudo construction. Thin shakudo plates cover both surfaces which are of different designs (front and back) of plants which flower in Autumn. This theme is known as 'Akikusa no Zugara'. The plants are represented with ten-zogan and iroe. The plates are finished in nanako and the style of carving is known as sukidashi bori where the design is left after the metal has been carved away. The mimi (rim) is sukinokoshi which means it is slightly raised and finished with a shakudo-yakitsuke fukurin.

The condition of this tsuba is excellant for its age, and is a fine example of Ko-Kinko workmanship.

6.46cm x 5.94cm.
NBTHK Hozon Kanteisho

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