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PROVENANCE:   Steve Waszak
                                            Mariusz Kolecki
A large, and powerful iron tsuba in muttsu-mokko-gata shape. The tsuchime, yakite, and tekkotsu are very well expressed.

Signature: 'YAMAKICHIBEI'. Barely visible, but suggests the GODAI (Low-Crossbar) smith. The working and finish of the plate point to the GODAI Yamakichibei's work. The round punch marks around the nakago-ana are normally used by the YONDAI Yamakichibei. Such round punch marks are almost always seen on his works, but not on those of the other master smiths. This then, would be an exception.

8.30cm x 8.55cm x 0.30cm

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A Collaboration of Robert E. Haynes and Elliott D. Long

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