Dr. Kazutaro Torigoye

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Art Names of Dr. Torigoye Kasutaro


KODO from the 1930/40's (his earliest art name) 光堂

KODO from the 50's 杏堂

KODO from the 60's 在堂

SODO from the 50's 草堂


SARO the late 60's 在耶

TAIZAN (Beyond the mountain)

TAIZAN from the 70's 對山

Dr. Torigoye Kasutaro Personal Seal

'Shiki Kagami' (Mirror of Knowledge)(left)      鳥越 Torigoye (right)    (Gawel & Haynes)


When he was abroad, he used red round "Bird" (tori) seal.
Either placed in upper left side of the box. (Gawel)


On the right side of the box we may sometimes (very rare) find a red oblong seal
which was used for Masterpieces when authenticating an item in Japan. (Gawel)

PDF showing 20 examples of Hakogaki written by Dr. Torigoye.

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