1st    Bizen   Suruga   Master

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Provenance:    Robert E. Haynes
                        Elliott D. Long
Collection Tsuba, Please Inquire
"Round iron plate with kaku mimi ko niku, ji sukashi of two rings, and lead-filled hitsu-ana. The sekigane is in Suruga style.

Signatures both sides are being studied (very faint) to confirm evidence of being made by TAKATSUGU (in early life called Haruta Chuzaemon) H 09330.0. His work is exceedingly rare." (Haynes)

Accompanied with N.T.H.K. Kanteisho Certificate No. 6053 dated 2017.

8.0cm x 8.0cm x 0.6cm

A Collaboration of Robert E. Haynes and Elliott D. Long

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