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"Was a swordsmith from the mid to late Edo period. He was a disciple of Naokatsu Inagawa and the founder of the Kikuchi school. In his later years, he became a priest and called himself 'SOJU'."
He was good at takabori-iroe, hair carving, and katagiri carving. He formed a powerful family in the Yokoya school and produced many disciples.

This work depicts a golden wild carp rising up a torrent on Shibuichi maji. From a Chinese anecdote, it is known as an auspicious crest that wishes for success in life, about a carp that climbed the Yellow River and turned into a golden dragon.
The dynamism and speed of the torrent is depicted lightly with an extremely advanced technique, and gold is used abundantly for the golden wild carp jumping on the waves. The contrast is emphasized, and it is a very calculated and stylish work. The thick gold painting on the edge shows the high quality." (Long)

6.90cm x 5.45cm x 0.40cm


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A Collaboration of Robert E. Haynes and Elliott D. Long

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