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"Rectangular copper plate of medium dark red color, with rounded corners and with a bold gama hada (toad skin) surface, the rim also has some areas of gama hada as well. Tha face inlaid and carved with three coins, one with rope rim and gold inlay areas, another in copper and the third in shakudo. The reverse with two coins, one in shibuichi, and the lower one in shakudo. This example, from its age, which would seem to be of the middle Edo period, ca. 1750, is the work of the second or third master of the Yasuchika family school. See Yasuchika H 11104 to 06. A study of these various kao will help, but naturally one has to guess the attribution in this case and in any event the work must stand on its own merits." (Haynes)
5.50cm x 6.30cm x 0.30cm

Dr. Torigoye Hakogaki, Edo Period, 1st Class.

"On the face right side of the seppa-dai, lower center, is a kao. This kao is in the style used by the early Yasuchika masters.

The origin of the style and design of this tsuba is to be found in the TAGANE NO HANA: by Matsumura Toshino, Kobe 1904, this book not paginated, see the Yasuchika section in the Nara Sansaku volume, last part of the Yasuchika tsuba. This example is also signed only with a kao, which corresponds with the one used by the first Yasuchika.

Also see: YASUCHIKA: by Miyazaki Tomojiro, Tokyo, 1964, page 33 bottom for the kao of the first Yasuchika in gold inlay, also see page 103 bottom, page 117 top, and page 129 center, for other examples of this kao.

As for other examples of this tsuba see Saito YASHIMA in several various sheets." (Haynes)



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