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"Silver ground high engraving with silver and gold inlay of country cranes, waves and shells, on the seashore with old pine tree. Very fine nanako ground with 'hair' carving. It is a masterpiece of the Otsuki School done by the 4th master of the school. A very rare work.

'DAIRYUSAI OTSUKI MITSUOKI' the fourth generation of the Otsuki School, is a master craftsman who is counted as one of the three masters of Kyoto metalworking along with Akiko Ichinomiya, Nagatsune and Tetsumotodo Shouraku (Naoshige Okamoto). See REH Index H 05375.0." (Long)


NTHK Kantisho with 6 Seal's dated 2019 --- Hakogaki by Soemon Amiya dated 1950.


Sword Art No. 568 has feature article on the Otsuki School. Geneology diagram.


Tsuba Appraisal Encyclopedia - Pg. 136 - description of signature.

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