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An iron sukashi bori tsuba of two Aoi (hollyhock) leaf design done in a pleasing layout of precise carving. This example exhibits "muji" (featureless) steel with a dense ring to it. Has a few small areas of crust from age, and a very even original patina. The copper sekigane are intact. Sado tsuba are considered unorthodox, but very well made.

Signed by 'SASHU (Sado Island) Ju TOSHISADA', the second generation, ca. 1750-1775. Nakabara Ke. See H 10550.0.

Sado island has an association with prisoners and exile; many prisoners were sentenced to work in the silver mines for the government.
7.22cm x 7.04cm x 0.50cm

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A Collaboration of Robert E. Haynes and Elliott D. Long

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