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PROVENANCE:    Elliott D. Long $1200.00
"A rounded square brass plate delicately carved named 'Maizuru Lakeside Ashizu'. The face is signed on the right side of the seppa-dai: 'Sekibun', H 08118.0.
There were three generations of the name Sekibun and the last two worked in Shonai. Born in 1789 with the surname Katsura, he was the leading figure in Shonai Kinko. At the age of 36, he became a member of the Sakai clan of the Edo Shonai domain and moved to Tsuruoka 1845." (Long)
7.0cm x 7.3cm x 0.42cm

The Aesthetics of 'Yurakusai Sekibun'

The 'Sekibun' tsuba is explained not by its beauty or form, but by its effect on its audience or its creator. In this sense, it is many things: an escape from reality, an ideal, a source of pleasure and delight, instructive or educational, therapeutic, and a means of communication.
The metals that 'Sekibun' used – the shakudo plate, the inlays of gold, silver and copper – are part of his tools used to display his intent. The different hues and values of intensity were brought together to create an aesthetic experience.
The ‘form’ of this tsuba expresses a combination of principles. The principles include harmony, balance and development. Harmony achieves a unity by recurrence. Balance achieves unity by contrast; certain items oppose and equalize each other. Development contrasts the other principles and is based on novelty. These three principles are used by Sekibun for the enhancement of perception.
By “expression” - the feelings, idea, character, and personality – 'Sekibun' displayed its great wealth of content in the use of metals and within the structural form.

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