'SANKEI' & Seal

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PROVENANCE:    Elliott D. Long Not For Sale
"A slight mokko gata iron plate with a 'beaten back' or 'everted' rim, commonly known as uchikaeshi mimi. Both hitsu-ana are filled with shakudo that is finished in ishime. Both faces have a simple, quiet elegance in the effect produced by the surface being beaten or hammered, either casually and abstractly with a planned effect. The omote has been carved with three plover flying above a pair of boat rudders. The same design of two plover flying is on the ura. The eyes of the plover are inlaid with gold. The entire piece displays grace and refinement.

MEI: 'SANKEI' with Seal. See Haynes H 03052.0. This is KAZUTSUNE who used many art names on different styles of work." (Long)

8.65cm x 8.15cm x 0.26cm (Rim 0.45cm)

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