'SANKEI' & Kao

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PROVENANCE:    Elliott D. Long Not For Sale
"A rounded square iron plate with a 'beaten back' or 'everted' rim, commonly known as uchikaeshi mimi. Both hitsu-ana are filled with shakudo that is finished in hari ishime. Both faces have the typical mokume pattern that Sankei is known for. Mokume is a metalworking procedure which produces a distinctive layered pattern achieved by forging and the repeated folding of iron, taking on the appearance of natural wood grain. At this point, both surfaces are treated with acid which brings out the fine streaks, whorl-like mottles and wood grain texture that was formed by the intermingling of the hard and soft iron.

MEI: 'SANKEI' with Kao. See Haynes H 03052.0. This is KAZUTSUNE who used many art names on different styles of work." (Long)

7.80cm x 8.45cm x 0.25cm (seppa).

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