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"Of all the names famous for the production of tsuba, the Owari school ranks among the greatest. Early examples, which date to the Oei period (1394-1427), were once thought to have been produced in the neighboring province of Mino. The current belief is that Owari province itself was the birthplace and permanent location for the school.
Owari tsuba are typically powerful, quiet, and dignified in appearance. They impart great strength and are simply elegant in shape and form. The great authority, Akiyama Kyusaku (1844-1936), once stated that from the standpoint of a swordsman, no other school of tsuba makers could match the standards of the Owari. Another noted expert, Sasano Masayuki has written that many scholars and collectors consider them the ultimate Ji-sukashi tsuba.

The guard depicted here, is a refined, solid-looking example. Its design is well balanced and the Ji-sukashi execution is sharp and crisp. The well forged iron has a dark, rich patina with a slight purplish hue. It is indicative of the quality of iron used for early Owari guards. The seppa-dai is somewhat elongated. The rim shows strong linear tekkotsu and its squared shape compliments the decorative forms." (Long)

6.60cm in length 6.50cm in width 0.55cm in thickness


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