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Provenance:   Elliott D. Long $2800.00
"An iron nade-kaku-gata (square with rounded corners) shape tsuba with a decoration known as 'Mochibana'. Mochibana is a decoration made of small-cut rice cake or 'dango' on a branch of Japanese sumac, hackberry, or willow tree for New Years Holidays or small New Years festival around January 15th. It is said that the decoration has a meaning for 'Yoshuku Geino' that prays for the productiveness of grain of the year. The design is symetrical and connects the rim to the seppa-dai. Each hitsu-ana has a brass pillow and the nakago-ana is completely lined with brass. This guard clearly has an Owari design, and the iron quality is excellent, a deep dark brown color approaching black. The rim is slightly rounded and is beautifully finished. Overall, this work is an expression of boldness and strength. The design and overall feeling is Owari. Aspects of the sword guards from Owari appear to have been appropriated by makers in Kyoto. Overall, this tsuba has all the features that characterize good quality Owari work and demonstrates the highly creative ability of the artist and is among the best of ji-sukashi sword guards. Dating to the early Edo period, ca. 1600." (Long)
7.87cm x 7.11cm x 0.55cm

NBTHK 'Green' Tokubetsu Kicho origami with Hosokawa stamp

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