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"A round plate that is well hammered in true Nobuiye style with uchikaeshi rim. Kiri mon hot stamp appears at the same cross points on both sides. Almost all of the original black lacquer is intact with the exception of a few small areas.
Signed: 'NOBUIE' H 07065.0. This is a masterly example of a Akasaka Nobuiye tsuba. The shapes of the hitsu-ana and the surface treatment confirm a date of ca. 1600." (Long)

7.20cm x 7.65cm x 0.20cm @ nakago-ana
"NOBUIE: A great deal has been written about the origins and relationships of the artists who signed with the Nobuie signature. It is safe to say that there were a number of artists who used this name, that seems clear from the styles of the signatures. The true examples will be found in the quality of the iron, its forging, and the pure beauty of the metal. This piece is an excellant example." (Long)

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A Collaboration of Robert E. Haynes and Elliott D. Long

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