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Provenance:   Elliott D. Long $3000.00
"A very fine shakudo plate with a delicate carving of a leopard frolicing in nature. There are various types of foliage and landscape on both faces. It is a very advanced work showing the delicateness of the carving of the leaves, flower buds and the leopards spots along with the rest of the design."

"Signed 'NAOKATSU' with Kao. Haynes Index H 06656.0. This is the son of Naoshige (H 06773) and a student of Yanagawa Naomasa (H 06690). He signed with both the Inagawa and Yanagawa family names and would use the same Kao with each, in some cases." (Long)
7.70cm x 7.45cm x 0.35cm


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A Collaboration of Robert E. Haynes and Elliott D. Long

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