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PROVENANCE:  Elliott D. Long $2200.00
"This is the first example of a Mucade tsuba with a signature. The mei reads 'SADATSUGU'. This is an extremely rare example of this type of tsuba that includes three small sukashi openings representing clouds or pools of water.
This 'Mucade' (centipede) style tsuba has two partial semi-circles on each face consisting of a central iron wire and alternating, short iron and brass wires, resembling the legs of the centipede. There are no missing or crushed wires.
Both hitsu-ana are plugged and appear to be of the kogai shape.

The centipede is sacred to Bishamon (God of War) and is specially favorable for a warrior.

Further study is needed to determine the age." (Haynes & Long)

8.00cm x 7.78cm x 0.48cm.

Attribution of Hozon, NBTHK.

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