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Provenance:    Elliott Long $1500.00

"Signed 'ISHIYAMA MOTOTADA SAKU'. He was the second son of Ishiyama Motooki a lower third rank court noble. As a metal worker he specializes in katagiri carving and incorporates the style of painting of the Kano school into sword fittings with the graceful touch of a court noble. See Haynes Index H 05940.0.
"Hotei River Crossing" has been drawn by many artists since ancient times. It depicts the anecdote that when Hotei, who had accumulated his merits, tried to cross the river, he was reflected on the surface of the river as Maitreya.
Although it is easy to overlook at first glance, this anecdote can be read firmly in the figure of Karako pointing at the surface of the river in this work as well. It is a elegant work that makes you feel the artist's high talent in the warm atmosphere and the expressions that are very aristocratic." (Long)

7.76cm x 7.58cm x 0.38cm


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A Collaboration of Robert E. Haynes and Elliott D. Long

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