NERIKAWA (Leather) Tsuba

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"Age dating nerikawa tsuba is very problematic because there is not a documented history or traceable progression of technique or material useage in this group. From a historical perspective, neritsuba were utilized quite frequently in antiquity, and their use diminished gradually as economics of production, styles and culture changed through the Muromachi and Momoyama periods. By the Edo period, neri tsuba can no longer be considered a common feature in amongst tosogu, although their production continued in a limited capacity. This leaves us with a scarcity of extant examples since neri tsuba being organic in composition tend to deteriorate with time.
Extant Edo neri tsuba tend to date to the late Edo through Meiji periods, and in terms of production were often the domain of lacquerers who used them as an alternate medium to exhibit their skills. They tend to be detailed and show a great skill in execution. They are often crisp and retain most of the lacquer which is often in excellent condition and can exhibit a wide range of colors and techniques." (Haynes, Long, Markhasin)

8.20cm x 8.70cm x 0.68cm.

"In the case of this specific tsuba, the lacquer has changed hue, and is quite robust and generally austere.

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