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"Kyo Sukashi tsuba with design of Musashi-no (Musashi plains), bird and abumi (riding stirrups). Musashi-no lies to the south west of the Kanto district. Throughout the centuries many poems have been written which describe the view. It is believed that the combination of Musashi-no and abumi is designed to honor the fallen Samurai and their horses which would have littered the Musashi plains during the many centries of civil war in Japan.

The rim is slightly rounded and is beautifully finished. The size and shape of the hitsu-ana are appropriate to Kyo Sukashi work, and the seppa dai is a bit narrower in Kyoto style. The texture of the iron is in Kyo style, but the patina is rather blackish. The design and overall feeling is Kyo despite the delicacy. Aspects of the sword guards from Owari appear to have been appropriated by makers in Kyoto. This particular example is nade-kaku-gata (square with rounded corners) shape. The deep chisel marks around the nakago-ana could indicate the work of a specific tsuba artist in or around Kyoto. The quality of the metal and the mood indicate this guard dating to about 1570." (Long)
6.20cm x 5.80cm x 0.55cm

Further study found a very similar tsuba on Jim Gilbert's website, which shows the Musashi-no design and the diagonal chisel marks around the nakago-ana. Perhaps these are both by the same hand? Also, a similar design can be found on page 68 of Masayuki Sasano's book "Early Japanese Sword Guards: Sukashi Tsuba".

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