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Provenance:   Elliott D. Long $850.00
"Jiyu-gata (free-shaped) iron plate tsuba with the web carved with a design of a plum blossom branch. This example is remarkable in the very fine kebori carving and attention to detail. The center of each plum blossom is iron-on-iron inlay, four on the omote and five on the ura. It is possible that the thickest part of the branch on both sides has iron-on-iron inlay. In all respects, this is one of the finest examples of this school.
Dates to ca. 1700-1750." (Long)

8.40cm x 8.60cm x 0.38cm (seppa).
The Hayashi family school is sometimes called the Kasuga school from the name of their residence. The main characteristics of this school are: the forging is splendid and feels hard, has good color and beautiful variations to the surface and texture. The open work is very skillful with the edges slightly rounded. To help confirm the date of this tsuba, the design of the plum branch and flowers were used in later work by members of this family.

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A Collaboration of Robert E. Haynes and Elliott D. Long

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